This blog is about getting photos & stories of women & other under-represented scientists in the public domain and Wikipedia.

Montage of scientists' photos
Montage on Wikimedia Commons 

This project began in February 2017 – you can read about it in Black History Month: The Complicated Power of More Women Scientists’ Faces and the follow-up post, How-To Guide: Help Find Missing Scientists’ Faces.

The project has been covered in:

We hope these scientists inspire you – and encourage you to pitch into the quest to get more faces and stores of stories from under-represented groups into Wikipedia. If you’re a Wikipedian, check out:

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The montage in this page was produced by Hilda Bastian, it’s CC-BY on Wikimedia Commons. The MissingSciFaces avatar is by Hilda Bastian (CC-NC-ND-SA license). 

This blog is a voluntary, personal project, produced by Hilda Bastian. Views expressed are personal. Hilda is on Twitter @hildabast and Wikipedia User:hildabast.